Road Shows & Activations

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De Facto Media & Marketing's crew members are no strangers to the road! If your product and/or service needs to be exhibited at expos and/or roadshows across the country (or continent) De Facto can help! We're your one-stop exhibition shop!

We offer the following services:

  • Building of complete exhibitions and stands.
  • Sourcing of staff for manning exihibits.
  • Breaking down of exhibitions.
  • Transportation of exhibitions.
  • Storage of exhibition items, including stands and all paraphernalia (should the customer want to reuse the exhibition).

We are dedicated to portraying your product and/or service in a professional manner. We do whatever it takes to have your stand ready by the time customers arrive at the venue.

Make contact now, and get the roadshow pros on your side
Please visit the contact page to get hold of us, call Helen directly at 0114400961 or get hold of her on Skype ( We'll arrange a meeting in order to get to know you and to assess your needs, after which we'll come back to the Magic Factory to get the Oompa Loompas, Santa's elves and every other stereotypical aide working on your project. Before you can say, "Deck the halls with Oompa Loompas!" you'll have a team of professionals taking care of your roadshow. 

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