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De Facto Media & Marketing has been doing professional window dressing for a number of years. We're experts in the field and know where to place what to speak to who in which way.

There's drool on your window
How do we measure success? A company that's forced to create a window maintenance budget has reached the pinnacle of window-dressing success. Allow me to explain: if the outside of your window is not covered in drool and people are not lining up to get at what's in your window, you're not succeeding.

Come in, sit down, put your feet up. Coffee? Tea?
For window dressing to work, the window dresser must have an intimate relationship with the client; the window dresser must know what the client's products are about; the window dresser must understand the market the client is trying to reach. That's why we make an effort to get to know our clients and their products; we understand who it is our clients are trying to reach; we sweat the small stuff.

No Suleman octuplets
We understand that every client is different. No two clients have the same needs, therefore no two clients could possibly require the same window dressing. You're not just another one in a long line, easily replaced if we feel like it. You get the best of us.

There goes a sale... oh, another one... oh, wait, one more...
You have a small window of opportunity to grab someone's attention. Motorists whizz past your store and spend a fraction of a second looking at your window (if at all). Even pedestrians may be oblivious to your display. You need to make them aware of your presence; you need to show the individual that you have what he or she is looking for. Your display should be whistling the passerby's favourite tune.

Snazzicality, or practisnazzity
When it comes to setting up window displays, you have a number of options: opt for a snazzy display that says nothing about your product and confuses the hello out of potential clients, even though it might look spectacular; or opt for a practical approach that that grabs attention when it should, and sells the customer on your product and/or service. Or why not have your windows cleaned on both sides? Make it practical AND snazzy! You're the client; you pay for the Marmite on our sammiches; you call the shots! We set up your window display the way you want it set up, no questions asked. It'll end up being practical and looking snazzy!

Make contact now, and get the window display experts on your side
Please visit the contact page to get hold of us, call Helen directly at 0114400961 or get hold of her on Skype ( We'll arrange a meeting in order to get to know you and to assess your needs, after which we'll come back to the Magic Factory to get the Oompa Loompas, Santa's elves and every other stereotypical aide working on your project. Before you can say, "Deck the halls with Oompa Loompas!" you'll have a professional window display speaking potential customers' language. 

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